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MeatMail is built from the ground up to fit into your life. Once you set up your account, you can subscribe to one of our awesome value pre-made packs or go ahead and make your own from scratch.

We handle all your direct debit or credit card billing, process your orders, and then give you an estimated delivery time once it is confirmed. You can skip the supermarket queues and get on with life!

Give it a try, Once you get going, you will never look back!

Incredible quality. So how is it so cheap?!

MeatMail calls on the power of group buying to secure a constant supply of the best export quality meat, direct from NZ’s leading suppliers.

By keeping a super-lean business model and only buying exactly what we need, we don't have any of the overheads of traditional butchers and supermarkets. This means nothing is wasted, and you can save some serious cash!

Where supermarkets lure you in with flashy one-off deals, and then burn your pocket for the rest of the month, MeatMail gives you one, consistently low price, making budgeting a breeze, without compromising quality.

Plus, with MeatMail you are supporting Kiwi farmers, and supporting an exciting young New Zealand owned company that is ploughing it's revenues back into the local economy.

Is it for me?

If you eat meat, MeatMail can be customised for you.

No matter whether you eat meat two nights a week or seven, feed yourself or feed the local footy team, MeatMail can be customised to suit you.

We now offer complete order customisation, and a choice of weekly or fortnightly or delivery options. We have no minimum subscription terms, and no cancellation fees, so you will never be locked in to anything. You can try it once and come back when you are ready!

Why use MeatMail?

We have all the features to make buying fresh local goods online a breeze.

Budget with ease and plan ahead

Don’t you hate buying on special one week only to return next week and see the same cut at twice the cost? With MeatMail you get one consistently low price every day. This makes budgeting for your weekly shop a breeze.

High quality meat & produce

Everything you get from MeatMail is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, locally sourced in New Zealand. We care about responsible farming, and will only source meat from farms that satisfy ethical farming principles.

Delivered fresh weekly

All our meat is vacuum packed fresh at the butchery, packed up and transported under strictly controlled conditions right the way to your door. We estimate your delivery time to the nearest 20 minutes, so you can plan your day around and not get stuck waiting. Check your local delivery window here.

World class support

We take pride in our customer support, and one of the team is always a quick message or a phone call away. No matter the time of day or night, someone will get back to your request as soon as possible. We reply to all emails within 4 hours on average.

Start, pause or stop your MeatMail subscription at anytime, anywhere

You can log in from a range of devices at any time and manage your subscription from anywhere! Also:

  • View expected delivery times
  • Change your subscription
  • Skip a week
  • Get recipes
  • Earn free credit every time you refer a friend
  • Get in touch with our friendly customer support if you have any questions or problems

Loved by hundreds of Kiwi customers

From student flatmates to small families to large households across New Zealand

We found one of MeatMail’s greatest strengths is their ability to be positive and helpful towards customers. Keep up the good work!

Thomas Newman

MeatMail has really impressed us with [their] consistently high quality meat, which gave us confidence in the service and made planning meals really easy.

James Leggett
Student, Dunedin

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